Affiliate’s Tour

Step 1  Click on the Affiliates Area link on the menu tab at the top of the website. Scroll down to the lower end of the page area below the main promotional slideshow. You will see the first two fields are where you will sign into your account. If you do not have an Affiliates Account with us, you will NOT see these fields until you register with us and is approved by 4DInfiniti Corporate Officer.. Fill out all fields and submit the information.  Once submitted and approved you will receive a temporary password to sign into your affiliates account via the email account you signed up with. (*Note Please change your password to something you can remember at the bottom of your profile settings page. If you need assistance you can recover your account by filling out the Recover Form).
Step 2  Once you’ve been approved and you’ve received your temporary password, you need to return to the 4DInfiniti.com website Affiliate’s Area page and scroll down to the form area. You will then see the username and password sign in fields (If you’re not already signed in) at the top of the form. Enter your username and temporary password into these fields and click Login in. Once you are logged in, you can then create your Affiliate profile. Save the profile and do not sign out. Now you can go to the top left of the page above “Profile” where you see “4D Infiniti” and click on “Visit Site”. Once you have gone to the main homepage, go back to Affiliate’s Area page again and scroll down to where you signed in at. This is where you’ll find your Affiliate information and directions on how to begin marketing 4DInfiniti’s products and services. (*Suggestion: You should copy your Affiliate information down so that you can have it available to you without having to be signed into your 4DInfiniti’s Affiliate account. Copy and paste the links, embed code into Microsoft Word or into an email so you can quickly copy and paste for promotional products and services you wish to promote.)
Step 3  Now that you have your Affiliate information you can begin promoting any registered 4DInfiniti.com products and services that are listed on each Vendors page. Vendors pages will contain their products or service visuals, downloads or monetized information that you wish to promote. ANYBODY can promote ANY AFFILIATE’S content as long as you follow their promotional criteria in a professional way. But you MUST be a registered Affiliate of 4DInfiniti.com in order to receive sales commissions. You don’t want someone to poorly advertise or promote your content in a unreasonable and unprofessional way that may reflect on YOUR business so it is a requirement that you represent any content professionally and responsibly so that the Vendor you are representing can promote you to other Vendors. Vendor referrals for marketing companies or freelancers are important to your career as a 4DInfiniti.com Affiliate. As only the top marketing professionals will gain the privilege of advertising on our LIVE “SOHN” National & International Broadcast Network.
4DInfiniti.com is the direct marketing, promotional and advertising platform for the Stars of Hollywood Network-(SOHN). Look at it this way. As you watch television you see commercials during television breaks. With SOHN’s international entertainment platform to over 195 countries, those who have access will be able to directly market their content in those commercial time slots. This means that with the potential of over 7 Billion people in the world (See Statistics: Courtesy of WorldMeters) viewing your Movie Trailer, Latest Fashion Design, Actor’s interview, Solo Artist’s latest Single/Album Release, or Product/Service, you have extremely more potential in making quick commissions and it will make us the largest MCDN (Marketing Content Delivery Network) platform in the world!
4DInfiniti.com is now offering Vendor and Affiliate accounts for Family Entertainment oriented content that will fill these time slots. To request a Vendors account, you must fill out a 4DInfiniti Vender’s Request Form.